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Internet on your phone

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O2 Active is available on most mobile phones

There are 3 different ways to get the internet working on your mobile phone. Just follow the simple instructions below.

Enter your phone number

Enter your number in the box below and select send. When you receive a text, click the link within in and you’ll be taken to O2 Active.

Phone number

Access O2 Active from your phone's menu

Just look for this globe on your phone's menu and select. you should then be taken straight to O2 Active. If not, enter the url m.o2.co.uk into your browser bar and you’ll get to our home page.


Some handsets have an O2 Active or O2 button that you can see on your home screen. Hitting this will take you straight to O2 Active.



Text download

Text the word 'O2ACTIVE' to 2020 and we’ll send you a link to the O2 Active homepage.

  • Problems getting O2 Active to work

    If you can't get O2 Active to work on your phone, click on the 'O2 Settings' and follow the instructions.


    If you still can't use the internet on your phone after installing these settings, please get in touch with us.


  • How do I use bookmarks?

    Go to the page you want to bookmark and click on the "Options" button. On the drop down list, click "Go to" and then “Bookmarks”. You will then be given the option to “Add”.


    To go back to a page you've bookmarked, you can just click on the Bookmarks button and select it from the drop down list.

  • How do I access over 18 content?

    All over 18 content is automatically barred. If you are over 18 and want to access 18+ content simply call our free automated IVR on 61018 from your O2 mobile. You will need a credit card to complete this process. If you don’t have a credit card, please take photo ID to your nearest O2 Shop and we will lift the bar for you.

    If you try to access 18+ content on your mobile, you will automatically be taken through a process to confirm your age. This also requires a valid credit card.

  • Will O2 protect me from viruses on my phone?

    Threat of viruses on mobile phones is pretty small at the moment.


    There is certainly nothing like the problem of viruses when using the internet on a computer. O2 will continue to monitor the situation, and take whatever action is necessary to protect you when using the internet on your mobile.

  • How can I control my children’s mobile internet use?

    Parental Control helps parents protect their children while they're using the internet on their phones. They restrict children's access via their mobile to a limited number of suitable sites.


    We make sure that the providers of these sites moderate any chat rooms to make them as safe as possible. Call 61818 from your O2 phone to set up Parental Control.


    Adult content is only available to O2 customers who confirm they are over 18.

  • Isn’t accessing the internet on your mobile slow?

    Full internet pages may be slow to load but made for mobile sites like those on O2 Active download in seconds.

    If you experience a slow connection you could try using WiFi. Not all handsets support WiFi connectivity; check your manual for details.

  • Blocking or unblocking 18+ content

    To block or unblock 18+ content, please use our online age verification tool.




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