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When choosing a Mobile Broadband tariff, think about how much data you use. You can spend hours browsing and send thousands of emails with our data packages, but if you do lots of downloading and streaming, you’ll use up your data much faster.

For more info on how much data you're likely to use and which tariff is best for you, check out our Data Calculator.


Using Mobile Broadband abroad
When using data abroad, it costs 69p/MB (inc. VAT) within the EU and £6/MB outside the EU.


  • Pay Monthly customers: fill in this form to switch on roaming or add a data Bolt On
  • Business Mobile Broadband customers: use this form to add a data Bolt On
  • Pay & Go customers can't use Mobile Broadband abroad currently


Returns Policy
We offer a seven working day returns policy. So, if you're not 100% happy with the service, you can return the USB modem to us, and we’ll refund you and cancel your contract.


We're also offering a promotional Happiness Guarantee – this means that if you're not happy with the service within 30 days of purchase, you can return the USB modem and we'll refund you and cancel your contract.


Pay Monthly customers will still need to pay any subscription or overage charges. Pay & Go customers won’t be refunded any access that they’ve bought.


To cancel Mobile Broadband, return the USB modem to where you purchased it from - or follow the instructions on the packaging if it was shipped to you direct.


Limits to your Mobile Broadband sim


  • If you bought a monthly plan before 30th November 2010 and you go over your data limits, you’ll be charged 2.4p/MB (£24/GB)
  • If you bought a monthly plan after 30th November 2010, when you’ve used up your allowance your data will be “throttled” – meaning you’ll get a very slow connection


To get your data switched on again, you can buy a Bolt On for £5.11 for 500MB or £10.21 for 1GB via My O2 or by calling customer service.




  • Any time spent online while you're connected to wifi won't affect your data allowance
  • You can’t use your Mobile Broadband sim to make calls


To keep your number active, you need to use your Mobile Broadband and add data at least every 6 months



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