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Pocket Hotspot

O2 Pocket Hotspot is a portable gadget that connects you and up to four other people (or devices) to the internet.


There's no software to install, and you won't have to plug the Pocket Hotspot into your laptop, mobile or tablet. This makes it great for devices that don’t have a USB port.


Getting started
The Pocket Hotspot automatically connects to our mobile network as soon as you insert a Pay & Go sim card and switch it on.


When you buy a Pocket Hotspot, you get a free mobile broadband sim. If this is missing or damaged, you can get a replacement from an O2 store or you can contact us


For help inserting the sim, see our Quick Start Guide.


Getting connected
Once you've inserted the sim and switched the Pocket Hotspot on:


  • Search for the Mobile wifi SSID in the Available Networks list on your device
  • Enter the password, which you'll find in the Pocket Hotspot packaging (and on the inside battery cover) - you should now be connected.


The Pocket Hotspot only works where there’s O2 Mobile Data coverage. Use our coverage checker tool to find out if your area is covered. You can also check UK coverage and service disruption using our Status Checker.



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