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Our 4G Promise

With our 4G Phone Promise, customers who bought an iPhone 5 between September and 31st March 2013 can upgrade to a new phone any time they want.


We'll also chip in 25% of the cost of your remaining line rental! 


What you need to do


  • Choose a new phone on a Pay Monthly contract
  • Pay the upgrade charge in one go, by debit or credit card
  • Sign up to a new handset contract of the same monthly tariff cost, or trade up – you can’t go back to your old contract or roll over your allowances


The actual upgrade cost will depend on your tariff. To find out the price of your upgrade:


  • Text UPGRADE to 21602
  • Visit My O2


Recycling your phone

You don't have to recycle your old phone, but we offer some fantastic prices on O2 Recycle to help cover the cost of your upgrade. You could get up to £280 when you recycle your iPhone 5.


More about 4G

For more info on 4G in your area:



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