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O2 Wallet

We’re closing the O2 Wallet on 31st March 2014


When we launched the O2 Wallet 18 months ago we were one of the first mobile wallets around. Since then lots has changed for us, the market and our customers. So, we’ve decided to close the O2 Wallet to give us time to look into new and better ways to help people manage their money on the move, both in the UK and abroad.


It’s been an exciting journey, so thanks for joining us. And it’s not over yet - we’ll let you know about any new innovations in the future.


After the 9th January new customers will not be able to register for a new O2 Wallet account, and existing customers will not be able to send Money Messages to those who do not already have an O2 Wallet account.


After the 31st of March you won’t be able to use your 02 Wallet or O2 Money Account Card anymore - that includes sending or receiving Money Messages, using the O2 Wallet or card to shop, buy train tickets in the app or top up your mobile. If you’re an existing customer and you have money in your wallet it will be sent back to you from 10th April. Find out more about the O2 Wallet Closure


If you’re an existing customer, you’ll find plenty of information on how to use your O2 Wallet here:


O2 Wallet is a free app that lets you send and receive money, compare prices and shop on your phone.


It comes with an O2 Money Account and O2 Money Account Card – this is a virtual Visa that you can use when shopping shop online. You can also upgrade to a physical card if you want.




You can access O2 Wallet online at o2.co.uk/money/wallet, or download the app for:


  •  iPhone 3G and above
  •  iPad
  • iPod Touch (2nd generation and above)
  • Smartphones/tablets using Android 2.2 or higher
  • Any BlackBerry with the 6.0 operating system or higher


Adding a card or bank account


1. Register a debit card:

  • Go to My cards
  • Add up to four debit or credit cards


Your card must be:


  • A UK Visa or MasterCard
  • Registered to your UK home address
  • Not registered to any other O2 Wallet account
  • A personal card, not a business or expense card
  • Registered with your bank’s Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode service


2. Register your bank account to transfer money:


  • Go to My bank accounts
  • Click Add an account – we'll send you two small amounts of money for security reasons. This can take up to four working days
  • When you next visit O2 Wallet, choose the bank account and click Verify bank account and enter the amounts of the two payments


You can still transfer money with an unverified bank account, but once verified you'll have higher limits. You can add up to three bank accounts to your O2 Wallet, but you can't use the same bank account on multiple O2 Wallets.


3. Order a free physical O2 Money Account Card:


  • Go to My cards
  • Click O2 Money Account Card
  • Delivery takes up to five days, and we'll send your pin a couple of days after
  • Activate your card via the app or online


Once you've activated your physical card, we'll delete your virtual card from your account. If you have any recurring payments on your O2 Wallet, you'll need to give the company your new card details. 


Loading money


With card:


  • Visit o2.co.uk/money/wallet, or click My cards in the app
  • Go to Load money
  • Enter your Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode password


With cash: 


  • Visit an O2 store, or any shop with PayPoint or ePay (except supermarkets and Post Offices)
  • Bring your activated card


To check your limits: 


  • Sign in online and go to My profile and preferences
  • Or, open the app, and click Info -> My limits on the drop-down menu next to your balance




  • It's free to top up your account with a debit card, or by visiting an O2 store
  • If you load cash using PayPoint or ePay, the shop will take a fee


Common sign up issues

If you’re having problems with your O2 Wallet, it’s worth checking:


  • Your card number, address and billing info is correct and up to date
  • Your card/bank is registered for 3D Secure (Verified by Visa/MasterCard Secure Code)
  • You aren't trying to use American Express, Maestro or corporate (business) account cards - these won’t work


If you're still having problems, contact us


Money transfers to a bank account

You can transfer money from your O2 Wallet to your bank account, or withdraw cash from any cash machine that accepts Visa.


To transfer money via the app: 


  • Register your bank account in your O2 Wallet
  • Click My accounts
  • Choose Withdraw money from the drop down menu


To transfer money online:


  • Go to Add bank account
  • Choose Withdraw money from the top menu 


Shopping using the app

To shop using your O2 Wallet:


  • Go to Shopping
  • Select Offers, or My Offers for personalised options
  • Find a product using the search bar and select an item to see a list of stockists
  • Choose a store and payment type
  • Enter the characters from your password
  • You'll be redirected to the retailer's website, where you can buy as normal


Purchases you make with your O2 Money Account Card will appear in your history labelled Pending or Purchase. You can also set up text alerts.


If your purchase isn’t in your history and you haven't had a text after 24 hours, or if you don’t recognise a payment in your history, contact us


Shopping using the virtual card

To find your virtual O2 Money Account Card details:


  • Sign in to o2.co.uk/money/wallet
  • Click on your O2 Money Account card under My cards
  • You'll find your expiry date, and if you've lost the three digit security code we sent, you can request another
  • Click See full number to see the16-digit card number 


If you have a physical O2 Money Account Card, all the details you'll need will be on there. 


At the online checkout, enter these payment details and choose the card type Visa Debit or Visa Prepaid.


Using your O2 Wallet & card abroad

You can use your O2 Wallet anywhere in the world, but we recommend using wifi to avoid data charges.


If you get text alerts from O2 Wallet, you might be charged, depending on your contract. To turn text alerts off, sign in online and go to My profile and preferences.


You can also use your O2 Money Account Card abroad. Remember:


  • There's a 2.75% Foreign Exchange fee every time
  • You’ll be charged £1 per cash machine withdrawal
  • You can contact us if you’re having problems, but you'll be charged – costs will vary


Money Messages

Money Messages let you send and receive money instantly from your mobile, tablet or computer. All Money Messages are free for the first six months, and after that there's a small fee.


You can send a Money Message to anyone with a UK mobile number. If they have an O2 Wallet, the money will go in there straight away.


If they don't, they can open one for free via a link in the message – or the money will be returned to you after five days.


To send a Money Message from the O2 Wallet app:


  • Click the Money Message icon
  • Enter your contact’s mobile number, or tap the plus icon and choose someone from your contacts


To send online:


  • Click the Money Message tab
  • Choose Send Money
  • Enter your contact’s mobile number 


You can send any amount from £1 to £500, but there are limits on how many Money Messages you can send and receive in a day, and in total. Check the limits here.


If you send a Money Message to the wrong person:


  • If you know the person and they have an O2 Wallet, ask them to send it back
  • If they don't have an O2 Wallet, they can reject and you'll get it back straight away
  • If they don't do anything, you'll get your money back in five days
  • If you've sent it to someone you don't know, contact us and we'll do our best to get the money back


To request money, choose Request money in the Money Message tab, either on the app or online – it's free.


O2 Wallet Pay & Go top-up

You can top up with any credit or debit cards in your O2 Wallet, or your O2 Money Account Card.


If you're using a credit or debit card, you'll need:


  • The three-digit security code
  • Your Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode password


If you're using your O2 Money Account Card you'll just need your memorable word.


If you're topping up in the UK, there's no data charge. You'll also get your O2 rewards as normal.


You can top up your mobile by any amount between £10 and £50 every 24 hours (or the first seven days if using a new card). In a 30-day period, you can:


  • Top up with up to £150
  • Top up a maximum of five mobiles per card in your O2 Wallet
  • Use up to three different cards


If you’ve reached your O2 Wallet limit, you can still use cash machines, E-Top Up or vouchers. You won't be able to use the O2 top-up phone line or online service.



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