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Simplicity on Pay & Go

Simplicity on Pay & Go is a package that lets you pick your own allowance each month.
Packages start from £7.50 a month for unlimited texts and you can choose to pay a little extra for data or minutes.
All you have to do is top up and the cost of your Simplicity plan will come out of your balance. If you go over your allowance, we’ll just charge you at the standard O2 rate.


What you get

With O2 Simplicity, you can choose from a range of plans.


For £7.50 a month:


  • Unlimited texts (text CHOOSE TEXT)


For £10.50 a month:


  • The Basics – Unlimited texts + 100MB of data (text CHOOSE BASIC)
  • 500 texts + 100 UK minutes (text CHOOSE 100)


For £13.50 a month:


  • The All-Rounder – Unlimited texts + 500MB of data + 20 picture messages (text CHOOSE ROUND)
  • 500 texts + 100 UK minutes + 100MB of data (text CHOOSE 100 BASIC)


For £15.50+ a month:


  • Unlimited texts + 300 UK minutes for £15.50 (text CHOOSE 300)
  • 500 texts + 100 UK minutes + 500MB of data for £16.50 (text CHOOSE 100 ROUND)
  • The Works – Unlimited texts + 1GB of data + 50 picture messages for £17.50 (text CHOOSE WORKS)
  • Unlimited texts + 300 UK minutes + 100MB of data for £18.50 (text CHOOSE 300 BASIC)
  • 500 texts + 100 UK minutes + 1GB of data for £20.50 (text CHOOSE 100 WORKS)
  • Unlimited texts + 300 UK minutes + 500MB web for £21.50 (text CHOOSE 300 ROUND)
  • Unlimited texts + 300 UK minutes + 1GB web for £25.50 (text CHOOSE 300 WORKS)


With all our Simplicity plans, you'll also have free access to O2 wifi hotspots across the UK.

Joining Simplicity or switching tariffs
If you're not an O2 customer, visit o2.co.uk or one of our stores to get a free O2 Simplicity sim card. If you're an existing or new Pay & Go customer, you can choose (or change) your Simplicity plan by:


  • Calling 2202 free from your mobile
  • Texting the code for your chosen plan to 21300 (see above for codes)


Remember: If you choose another Pay & Go tariff or a new Simplicity allowance, you won’t be able to go back to an old allowance or tariff.


Topping up
We give you four days’ notice via text to let you know that payment is due. If you don't have enough credit for your allowance, you won’t receive it until you top up.
To check your balance:


  • Call 4444 free, then choose option 2 and 2 again
  • Text BALANCE free to 20202
  • Visit My O2 


We recommend using auto top ups to make sure you always have enough credit for your monthly Simplicity allowance. Or, you can top up by:


  • Calling 4444 from your mobile
  • Using the O2 Wallet App
  • Visiting us on Facebook
  • Going to any UK cash machine with the green top up logo
  • Using an E-Top Up card
  • Buying a top up voucher in any shop where you see the green top up logo


You can only add credit in whole £1 increments, but if you top up more than the cost of your Simplicity allowance, you can spend the extra credit on things like Bolt Ons or international calls – or carry it over to next month.
Remember: If you top up after your anniversary date, your anniversary date will change to the date that you last topped up.


Paying for calls/texts/data
If you're using Simplicity on Pay & Go but are still being charged for making calls or sending texts, it could be because:


  • You might not have chosen a Simplicity allowance
  • Your Simplicity tariff may have run out or been cancelled
  • You might not have had enough credit on your anniversary date
  • You only have the £7.50 unlimited text allowance, so you still need to pay for any calls you make


If in doubt, call 2202 free from your mobile to find out the status of your plan.




  • With our unlimited text plans, you can send up to 2990 texts a month
  • You can get any Bolt On with Pay & Go Simplicity, except the messaging Bolt Ons



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