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Pay & Go Go Go

With Pay & Go Go Go, you start with a great-value bundle that gives you calls, texts and data. After three months, we’ll double your bundle. After six months, we’ll double the O2 Rewards you get for topping up. After nine months, we’ll throw in unlimited texts.

What you get For £10 a month


  • Standard Allowance – 75 minutes, 500 texts, 250MB of data
  • Double Allowance (after 3 months) – 150 minutes, 1000 texts, 500MB of data
  • Unlimited Allowance (after 9 months) – 150 minutes , unlimited texts, 500MB of data


For £20 a month


  • Standard Allowance – 250 minutes, 2500 texts, 500MB of data
  • Double Allowance (after 3 months) – 500 minutes, 5000 texts, 1GB of data
  • Unlimited Allowance (after 9 months) – 500 minutes, unlimited texts, 1GB of data


O2 Rewards with Pay & Go Go Go


  • When you join, you’ll get 5% of your top-ups back every three months
  • After six months, you’ll get 10% back


If you don’t fancy the £10 or £20 plans, you’ll pay our standard rates:


  • Calls cost 35p a minute
  • Texts cost 12p each (excluding picture or premium messages)
  • 50MB of data costs £1 a day
  • Free wifi
  • International roaming rates apply


You’ll also be charged these rates if:


  • You exceed your plan's limits
  • You don’t have enough credit to get your allowance


Joining Pay & Go Go Go

If you’re new to O2, you’ll need to visit an O2 store or o2.co.uk to get a free Pay & Go Go Go sim card. After that, there are three ways to choose your plan:


  • Text GO 10 (for the £10 tariff) or GO 20 (for the £20 tariff) free to 21300
  • Call 2202 free from your mobile 
  • Visit My O2


BlackBerry customers:
You’ll need to buy the £5 BlackBerry Bolt On, which gives you access to BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry Mail, and an extra 500MB of data.


Your anniversary date
This is the date that you first top up, and will be the day that your mobile bundle resets. Here’s how it works:


  • You need to top up the minimum amount by this date to get your allowance – we’ll send you a reminder text four days before
  • If you don’t have enough credit, you won’t get your allowance until you next top up – this will be your new anniversary date
  • If you don’t have enough credit to cover your tariff and Bolt Ons, we’ll activate your tariff first
  • If you top up more than you need, you can use the extra credit for things like Bolt Ons and international calls, or save it for next month


Paying and topping up
Pay & Go Go Go comes out of your credit each month. The easiest way to add credit is to use auto top-ups, but you can also:


  • Call 4444 from your mobile
  • Use the O2 Wallet App
  • Visit us on Facebook
  • Go to any UK cash machine with the green top up logo
  • Use an E-Top Up card
  • Buy a voucher anywhere you see the green top up logo


Checking your balance
To check your balance, or to find out when you’ll move up to a higher allowance:


  • Call 4444 free, then choose option 2 and 2 again
  • Text BALANCE free to 20202
  • Text GO CHECK free to 21300
  • Visit My O2


Changing tariffs & adding Bolt Ons
You can switch between Pay & Go Go Go and our other tariffs as often as you like by:


  • Texting your new tariff code free to 21300
  • Calling 2202 free from your mobile
  • Visiting My O2


You can switch between the £10 and £20 Pay & Go Go Go tariffs in the same way, though you’ll need to wait until your anniversary date.
When switching tariffs, remember:


  • Switching tariffs could affect your movement through the different levels of Pay & Go Go Go allowance
  • If you’re on our best-value tariff (after nine months) and decide to switch to another Pay & Go tariff, you won’t be able to come back to it. Instead, we’ll put you on the double allowance (three months)
  • You can add Bolt Ons whenever you like by visiting My O2 and clicking My tariff and Bolt Ons.


Find out more in our Ts & Cs.

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