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O2 Refresh pricing

How O2 Refresh works


With O2 Refresh, we separate the cost of your phone from the cost of your calls, texts and data. You choose:


  • The phone you want
  • The Airtime Plan (calls, texts and data)
  • The Phone Plan (the price you pay for your handset)


You can pay more for the phone up-front, meaning you’ll pay less each month on your Phone Plan. Or, you can pay the full amount for the phone up-front and just pay for your Airtime Plan each month.


O2 Refresh makes it cheaper to upgrade before the end of your 24-month contract, as you only need to pay off the Phone Plan balance.


Plus, if you keep your phone after your 24-month contract is up, you’ll only have to pay for your Airtime Plan – you won’t be charged any more for your handset.


Price differences explained

If you pay more up-front for your phone and choose one of our higher Airtime tariffs, we can give you a discount on the handset price.


This means that the cash price of a phone on O2 Refresh might be cheaper than the same phone on Pay & Go.



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