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What to do if your bill is more than expected

We try to make the billing process as smooth as possible, but sometimes your monthly bill might be higher than expected. Read on to find out about the additional charges that may affect your bill.


Exceeding your allowance

Exceeding your monthly allowance of texts, data and minutes is one of the most common reasons for an unexpectedly high bill. When you go over your allowance, you’ll be charged at a standard rate.


Other than exceeding your allowance, you may also be charged extra for:


  • Making calls, sending texts or using data abroad
  • Sending text messages to premium rate services
  • Using your phone to make a purchase, such as buying wifi on trains
  • Making calls to 0800, 0845 or any other premium rate phone numbers
  • Calling a directory enquiry service


You can view a full list of additional charges by logging into your My O2 account. If you’re planning on using your phone abroad, you may want to consider an international Bolt On to help keep your bill down.


It’s your first bill

Your first bill will also be higher than your regular payments. This is because we charge for line rental a month in advance. So, for your first bill, you’ll be charged for both your first and second month’s tariff.


After this, your bills will return to normal.


It’s your final bill

As well as a higher first bill, you may also find that your final bill (or “Termination Bill”) is higher than others. This is because your final bill includes:


  • The cost of final line rental
  • Any outstanding call, data or text costs
  • Any cancellation fees for early termination


This will be the last bill we send you, and will cover any costs right up until your last day as an O2 customer. If you’d like to query any of these charges, you can contact us


Paying your final bill

If your Direct Debit is still active, we will deduct the money from your account as normal. If you’ve already cancelled the Direct Debit, you can make a one-off payment by:


  • Logging in to your My O2 account and clicking “Pay Your Bill” under the “My Bill Summary” section
  • Calling us on 2729 from your mobile
  • Calling us on 0844 847 1424 from a landline



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