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Lost or stolen device

If your phone has been lost or stolen, we’re available 24 hours a day to help. We can block your phone and sim, and send you a new sim with your existing number – all for free. 


If you have phone insurance, we’ll also help you make a claim and replace your mobile.


Before you call


Please have this information to hand when you get in touch:


  1. The answer to your security question. If you've forgotten, just log in to My O2 and you'll find it under your personal information.
  2. If you’re a Pay Monthly customer, you’ll also need to know the name of your tariff, and the date and amount of your last bill.
  3. If you’re a Pay & Go customer, you’ll need to tell us two of the phone numbers that you call or text a lot, plus the amount of credit left on your phone.


Making a claim


To make an insurance claim, you’ll need to contact us within 48 hours of your phone going missing. You’ll also need at least one of the following:


  1. A Crime Reference number from the police.
  2. A loss reference number from the police or a relevant authority (e.g. Transport for London).
  3. The name of the police station where you reported your phone lost/stolen, and the name and badge number of the officer you spoke to.


Contacting us


Once you have this info, you can get in touch straight away using Live Chat, or:



If you’re making an insurance claim, we’ll transfer you directly to O2 Insure, who will process your claim.


Remember: If you’re behind with your bill payments, your O2 Insure policy may have lapsed.


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