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Calling, texting and data usage abroad

We offer a range of international calling plans and Bolt Ons if you want to call overseas. With O2, you get wide network access around the world, helping you to keep up with friends and family whilst you’re abroad.


Travelling abroad
You can use your phone on over 400 networks in more than 200 countries to make and receive calls, send texts and use data.
Our standard rates for calls from abroad and a selection of Bolt Ons can be found here. Simply type in the name of the country you’re travelling to, followed by the name of the country you wish to contact. You can then see a range of costs for both Pay & Go and Pay Monthly users.


Calling abroad from the UK
Should you wish to contact friends or loved ones abroad, we have a substantial range of international calling plans and Bolt Ons available to suit you.

Our standard international rates and tariffs can be found here, along with our relevant Bolt Ons. You can use the same process as above to find out rates on a per country basis.


Business rates
If you’re calling or travelling abroad for business, you can view find a variety of useful packages on our Business rates and Bolt Ons page.


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