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O2 Boostbox

O2 Boostbox uses your broadband router to give network and 3G coverage to your home or office. It can be used by up to 32 different phone numbers, including up to four mobiles at the same time, and has a range of 25-30 metres.
Calls, texts and mobile internet work just like on the normal mobile network, and use the minutes, texts and data allowances of your current tariff.


Setting up the Boostbox
You can use a Boostbox with any broadband provider, as long as you have:


  • Connection speeds over 1Mb/s
  • A broadband router that supports UPnP (Universal Plug & Play)
  • A spare LAN port on the router


Most routers are UPnP, but if yours isn't, you might need to set up port-forwarding on the router's firewall. The Boostbox needs to access ports:


  • 50 (TCP/IP)
  • 123 (UDP)
  • 500 (UDP)
  • 4500 (UDP)


If you're stuck, portforward.com, your ISP and your router manufacturer can tell you more about port-forwarding.
Once setup is complete, the Boostbox will start working in 1-4 hours. When your phone connects, it'll look just like it's connected to the O2 3G network.


Resetting your Boostbox
On the Home Boostbox (white), the Reset hole is on the back. On the Enterprise Boostbox (black) it's on the left side.
To Soft reset:


  • Push a pin into the Reset hole and hold it for about 10 seconds
  • The Boostbox will reboot itself
  • It should start working again within a few minutes


To Factory reset:


  • Turn the power off
  • Push a pin into the Reset hole and hold it there
  • Keep pressing the Reset button while you turn the power on again, and keep holding the Reset button for at least 10 seconds
  • The Boostbox may take up to an hour to start working


Adding phones or changing sim
To update your Access List with a new number or to change your address, you'll need to contact Boostbox Support.


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