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Transfer your mobile number from O2 Pay & Go to O2 Pay Monthly


Form submitted successfully


Thank you. Your request has been sent to our customer service team. Your mobile number transfer will take place within the next 1 to 4 working hours and we’ll keep you updated by sending you texts and emails.


What to do next...


Store any saved data from your mobile
Make a note of any important numbers on your old sim card or mobile, and any calendar reminders as these won't be transferred. If you have any precious text messages you'd like to keep then forward them to the temporary mobile number attached to your new sim. You'll find this number on the packaging.

Watch out for an error message on your screen
When the transfer starts, you'll see an error message similar to "sim card registration failed" on your old sim. At this point, put your new O2 sim into your mobile.

Remember your network service will be lost for a little while
Keep switching your phone off and on every few hours. When your number transfer is complete you'll see the O2 signal on the screen.

O2 Family
If you're a group owner or group member of the O2 'Your Family Bolt On' you'll need to register again once your number transfer is complete. For more help with the O2 'Your Family Bolt On' click here.

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