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I've failed the credit check

If you place an order for a Pay Monthly mobile, O2 will use a Credit Reference Agency (in this case Equifax) to obtain information relating to your address, identity and personal credit history. The information returned to O2 is assessed using a process called 'Credit Scoring.'


Credit scoring is a system where all the information provided by Equifax is scored against a set criteria, and your order will be accepted provided the total score is above our minimum threshold.

Due to the credit scoring process, if your order is declined because of a failed credit check, it is unlikely you have failed for any one reason. However, if any of the following apply to you it is likely that your application will fail automatically:


  • Poor credit history at your address

  • Not registered on the electoral role for your address

  • Poor payment record on other credit agreements

  • County Court Judgements


Click here for advice on obtaining and correcting your credit file.


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