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i-mode has now closed




On 31 July 2009, i-mode was switched off and services like browsing, the i-menu, i-mail and i-mms are no longer available on i-mode phones.

Since we launched the i-mode service, customers have been satisfied with the availability of good content. However there were a limited range of phones which restricted our ability to grow the service, and this situation wasn't expected to change.

O2 now has an increasing number of feature-rich phones and tariffs which can access richer content at faster speeds.

If you have an i-mode mobile, you'll still be able to use it for making and receiving calls, texts and accessing your voicemail.

Now that i-mode is turned off, you won't be able to browse to the i-mode portal and services on your mobile.

Newer O2 mobile phones come with the O2 Active service. This gives you access to a greater range of sites that have been made for mobiles – like Facebook, Hotmail, BBC and Sky – as well as the rest of the internet via Yahoo! search.

If you have an i-mail address, it will no longer work. Unfortunately, any information not backed up will have been lost.

Newer O2 mobile phones give you access to the most popular webmail services via O2 Active. Please see below for more information on this service.

i-mms allows you to send and receive picture messages using an i-mode phone. This will also not work any more.

O2 Active is our mobile internet service. It allows you quick access to social networking sites, email, video, chat, ringtone downloads, games, music, travel and weather information. And you can keep up-to-date with sport, entertainment and news as it happens. O2 has partnered with major brands to provide these services such as Facebook, Bebo, BBC, Ebay, Amazon and Napster.

You can also access sites on the rest of the internet via Yahoo! search.

O2 Active also provides links to the most popular webmail services so that you can check your emails using the phone browser. The service gives you access to Gmail, Hotmail, AOL Mail, Yahoo Mail and O2 email.

Any outstanding subscriptions to i-mode services that ran into July have been cancelled and you won't have been charged after your renewal date.

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