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Help with Android

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Android™ help topics

Android Overview

An overview of what Android is and why you should choose it.

Android handy hints

Get some handy hints about using your Android smartphone here

Android™ Apps

Check out the current top Apps available on your Android phone

Play Store

Your one-stop shop for entertainment on your phone

Android Data

A look at Data Usage and WiFi Usage on Android

Android - What Else?

More information on Android around tariffs and returns etc

Android™ Smartphone Software help


Get helpful information on your Sony O2 smartphone here


Get helpful information on your HTC O2 smartphone here


Get helpful information on your LG O2 smartphone here


Get helpful information on your Samsung O2 smartphone here


Get Helpful information on your Alcatel O2 smartphone here.


Get helpful information on your Motorola O2 smartphone here.

Android Software Versions


A detailed look at version 2.2 of this operating system


A detailed look at version 2.3 of this operating system