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  • About media/picture messaging

    With media messaging you can invent your own language using pictures, sound text and even video. All you need is a compatible mobile and you'll be able to send and receive media messages.

    You can send your media message to a mobile phone or email address.

    To get your settings to enable this service please click the 'Get setting's link below:

    Get settings

    What if I don't have a compatible mobile...

    Instead of seeing the message on your mobile, you’ll receive a text giving you an O2 web address. Here you can see the media message that you’ve been sent.

    For more information about media messaging, please click on the 'Media Messaging' link below.

  • Sending a media message from my mobile

    Media Messaging is the ability to send and receive messages including text, sounds, video clips and images from either a Media Messaging capable mobile or from the Internet to other Media Messaging capable mobile or email accounts.

    For an overview of what you can do with O2 Media Messaging and to how get started with Media Messaging please click on the 'Media Messaging' link below.

    To set this service up you will also need to save and activate Media Messaging settings into your mobile. To do this please click the 'O2 Settings' link below.

    You also may need to be provisioned on to the MMS service if your mobile is not already set up to use it. You need to contact customer service which you can do by clicking the 'Call Us' or 'Email Us' link below.

    O2 offer customers a free Media Messaging allowance on selected tariffs. If you exceed this allowance, the Media Messaging message will be charged at standard rates. To check if your tariff includes a Media Messaging allowance, please click on the 'Tariffs' link below.

    Important Note

    You will be unable to use GPRS or MMS if your mobile is not compatible or if you are on one of our older tariffs.

    If you wish to change to one of our newer tariffs, please click on the 'Call Us' or 'Email Us' link below. For more information about the tariffs we offer, please click on the 'Tariffs' link below.

  • I'm having problems using media messaging

    There are two main reasons why you might be experiencing problems with media messaging. Please try the following solution to resolve this:

    Check settings

    You need to ensure that you have a media messaging mobile and that you have the correct settings. Please click on the 'O2 Settings' link below to download the media messaging settings for your mobile. If your mobile is not listed then please use the generic settings below:
    • Data bearer: GPRS

    • Security: Non-secure

    • IP Address:

    • APN: wap.o2.co.uk (Pay Monthly)

    • APN: payandgo.o2.co.uk (Pay & Go™)

    • Username: o2wap (Pay Monthly)

    • Username: payandgo (Pay & Go™)

    • Password: password

    • Authentication: Normal

    • Homepage: http://mmsc.mms.o2.co.uk:8002
    If you have the correct settings in your mobile and media messaging is still not working, it may be that you do not have media messaging provisioned on your account. You'll need to contact customer service by phone or by clicking on the 'Call Us' or 'Email Us' link below.

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