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3rd Generation of mobile networks, providing video calling, browsing and faster download speeds - up to 7 times faster than GPRS (General Packet Radio Service). 1st Generation was analogue, 2nd Generation was digital. 2.5G means GPRS.


complete wireless solution for always connected* email – the network ‘pushes’ your email to your device – you don’t have to dial up to get at it.


Enables you to wirelessly connect to mobile phones, computers and other devices so you can send and share information, from a distance of about a metre away.

Data Card

provides access to email, the Internet and internal systems when slotted into your laptop.

Data Connectivity

refers to how you can connect devices to each other, either wirelessly or by cable.

Dual Band

mobile phones capable of operating on two frequency bands such as 900 MHz and 1800 MHz.


General Packet Radio Service offers 'always-on', higher capacity, Internet-based content, enabling services such as colour Internet browsing, e-mail on the move, multimedia messages.

Hands free

use your phone without holding your mobile.


International Mobile Equipment Identifier is a 15-digit number; it’s unique to your mobile phone and can be found on the back of your phone or by typing *#06# on your phone, (this is free) and it will display the number.


Enables you to wirelessly connect to mobile phones, computers and other devices however, the devices must be very close to each other.


A place on your phone used to store information such as phone numbers, text messages and pictures (measured in bytes).

Mega pixel Camera

high resolution screen which gives sharp picture quality.


Multimedia Messaging Services means you can send pictures and video to other MMS devices.


lets you listen to music through your mobile.

Parental controls

Helps you control how your children use the Internet. Parental control software can block inappropriate websites (like adult ones) and restrict the amount of time your children can spend online.

O2 Active ™

Access a whole mobile world of entertainment from news headlines, sport and games with O2’s WAP service straight from your phone.


If you want to bring your existing number with you, you need contact your existing service provider to get your Port Authorisation Code (PAC) code. (PAC codes are generally valid for 30 days).


Personal Digital Assistant for access calendar information, emails and the Internet.


Personal Information Management system means you can store personal details such as your calendar and phone book.


Personal Identification Number can prevent other people making calls on your phone. Check your phone user guide on how to set up a security PIN.

Phone Book

You have memory space on your phone and SIM to store your contacts’ telephone numbers. You can search and dial instantly all the names and numbers of your contacts.


Personal Unblocking Key. If you enter your PIN number incorrectly 3 times the phone will become blocked. To unblock the phone you need to obtain your 8-digit PUK number by calling us or looking on www.O2.co.uk.

Push email

uses Blackberry technology to send email messages directly to your mobile without you having to dial up to retrieve them.

Quad Band

mobile phones capable of operating on four frequency bands, including USA - 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz. Network frequencies can differ by country.


make and receive calls on the same mobile phone when travelling outside of O2’s network.


provides a robust, splash, dust and shock proof devices for use in more extreme external environments.


Subscriber Identity Module is tiny card containing your telephone number, your PIN and other information such as your phone book. A SIM card can be moved from phone to phone as it contains all the key information required to activate your phone.


a combination of mobile phone and personal digital assistant.


Short Message Service or text message enables you to send short messages (160 characters) to friends and colleagues.

Standby time

The length of time a fully charged phone can be turned on and ready to make and receive calls. (Usually stated in hours)**.


This means being able to view video and/or content ‘live’ from a network without having to first download the file to your mobile phone.

Talk time

The length of time you can talk on your phone before it needs to be charged again (Usually stated in minutes)**.

Tri Band

enables your mobile phone to make and receive calls in more countries (on three different frequencies, 900MHz and 1800MHz and the 'American GSM', or PCS 1900MHz).

Xda ®

award winning, lightweight, integrated PDA and mobile phone – available only from O2.


Wireless Application Protocol enables you to see specailly tailored Internet content to be viewed on the screen of your mobile or Xda.


Wireless Local Area Network allows you to wirelessly connect to your email and Internet at speeds of up to 11,000MB (currently the fastest way to get access to information whilst you’re on the move -faster than 3G)

* Subject to network coverage

** Manufacturers published figures. Actual times vary, depending upon SIM card, network, usage patterns and environment.

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