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Pay & Go help - O2 Rewards


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O2 Rewards

The more you top-up, the more rewards you earn

Now you can use your rewards for a whole lot more. It's our way of saying thanks for being with O2. From money off tickets to must-see gigs, a new mobile or accessory, extra credit or High Street vouchers. Read our most popular questions below then choose how to use your rewards and keep track of them here

  • Why are you giving me up to 10% back on my Top Ups? What’s the catch?

    There is no catch - it’s simply our way of saying thank you for being loyal to O2 Pay & Go.
  • I have already registered for O2 Rewards. Do I need to opt in again?

    No. If you have already opted in to the previous O2 Rewards programme you will remain opted in to O2 Rewards. New customers can opt in to O2 Rewards in the following ways:


    • Text ‘Reward’ to 50202 free
    • Call 313 from your O2 mobile free 
    • Online at www.o2.co.uk/rewards 
    • Customer Service by calling 4445 (charges apply) 
  • Will I get 5% or 10% O2 Rewards?

    Existing Customers


    As an existing customer, if you joined O2 Pay & Go before 1 July 2010 and opt into O2 Rewards you’ll earn 10% back on all Top Ups every three months. So, if you Top Up with £50, you can get £5 back at the end of the quarter.


    New Customers


    As a new customer, if you join O2 Pay & Go from 1 July 2010, and opt into O2 Rewards, you’ll earn 5% back on all Top Ups every three months. So, if you Top Up with £50, you can get £2.50 back at the end of the quarter.


    Even better, after you’ve been with us for six months, the % of rewards you earn will increase to 10%. Don’t worry we’ll be in touch to let you know as soon as this happens. 


  • Can I transfer my O2 Rewards to another O2 Pay & Go mobile number?

    No, any reward you earn as part of O2 Rewards can only be used on your number.
  • How will I know how much I can save or claim of my O2 Reward, and when to save or claim it?

    Every three months, you will receive an SMS advising you of your O2 Rewards earned during the previous quarter and you will be given a choice of either claiming it as airtime direct to your handset or saving it to use at a later date on airtime credit, handset and/or accessory discount, high street vouchers or ticket for the O2.


    If you decide to claim as extra credit, the credit will be added to your handset balance immediately.


    If you decide to save it then the amount will be added to your saved rewards balance immediately.


    You can claim or save your rewards every three months by:


    • Texting ‘Claim’ or ‘Save’ to 50202 free
    • Calling 313 free from your O2 mobile
    • Online at www.o2.co.uk/rewards 
    • Customer Service by calling 4445 (charges apply) 
  • With O2 Rewards, how much can I save? What is the limit?

    The maximum that you can accrue for each quarter of the O2 Rewards period is £150.

    The maximum that you're able to save to your saved rewards balance is £550.

  • When I use my saved O2 Rewards, do I have to use the full amount all at once or can I use part of it?

    No. If you save your O2 Rewards to use them at a later date, you will be able to choose how much of your saved rewards balance you want to use.


    For example if you have £20 of saved rewards, you can choose to use £5 as extra credit and £10 against a handset discount leaving you with £5 of saved rewards.

  • How can I keep a track of my O2 Rewards amounts?

    The easiest and most efficient way to track your O2 Rewards is via the O2 Rewards website.

    There you can check your:

    • Saved rewards balance
    • Rewards earned so far in the current quarter
    • Rewards earned in the previous quarter.

      You can also check your O2 Rewards balance at any time, using any of these methods:

      • Texting ‘Claim’ or ‘Save’ to 50202 free
      • Calling 313 free from your O2 mobile
      • Online at O2 Rewards 
      • Customer Service by calling 4445 (charges apply).
    • How do I access the O2 Rewards website?

      You can access the O2 Rewards website by clicking here.

    • I’ve forgotten my o2.co.uk MyO2 username and/or password, what can I do?

      If you have forgotten your username and/or password you can reset this online. As long as you have your Pay & Go mobile number to hand (which you will need to receive a unique code) you can select ‘forgotten username & password’ to reset this.
    • Upgrading on a Pay & Go SIM only tariff

      To check the eligibility of your account for an upgrade, please click on the 'Email Us' or 'Call Us' link below and be sure to include the following information:
      • Alternative contact number
      • Preferred upgrade mobile
    • I want to upgrade my Pay & Go mobile

      If you are looking to upgrade your phone, don?t forget you could use your saved Rewards to get a discount on our latest range of phones and accessories. Go to O2.co.uk/rewards (can this be a hyper link) to see how much you have saved up or to register so that you can start earning up to 10% back every time you top up your phone.

      Don't forget. Make sure that you tell the store or customer service advisor that you wish to use your saved rewards when visiting the store to upgrade. .

      Opening hours are:

      9:00am - 8:00pm Monday to Friday
      10:00am - 6:00pm on Saturday
      Closed Sunday
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