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How do I activate my free O2 micro sim?

Insert your O2 micro sim into your iPad. Make sure you sync with iTunes and accept the update to the latest software – this is very important! It will allow you to connect to the O2 network and get online. You can then sign up, monitor and manage your O2 Mobile Broadband Pay & Go service — all from your iPad.

You can also choose to have payment taken automatically every 30 days. After registering for the first time you may need to restart the iPad before you can use your O2 data allowance.

If you choose not to accept the update, you won’t be able to get online with 3G. To get the update, go to iTunes and select Summary > Check for updates.

Once your iPad is synchronised, it will download the O2 settings and you will be able to register your account. Tap Settings > View Account to register your details.

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