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Internet on your phone


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O2 Active

Keep up to date on the go with O2 Active on your mobile phone. O2 Active is your gateway to the best of the internet on your phone.

We work with the best sites to bring you O2 Active

O2 Active provides mobile versions of all your favourite sites including Facebook, Twitter, BBC, Hotmail, YouTube, Amazon and more.


You can also check your latest balance by clicking the My O2 icon on the homepage. If you can’t find what you are looking for on O2 Active you can search the internet using Yahoo or type any URL directly into your phones internet browser.

What else can I do?
  • The differences between web pages on my computer & mobile?

    You see full internet pages on your computer, whereas pages displayed on your mobile are often adapted to look better on your mobile screen.


    Mobile versions generally display quicker, are easier to use but may not have all the functionality you’re used to on the internet.

  • Can I personalise O2 Active?

    O2 Active automatically puts the sites you visit most on the home page.


    In some areas of the O2 Active homepage, the sites you visit most will always be displayed. For example, if you use BBC more than you use Sky, then the BBC will appear at the top of your homepage.


    You can also choose your favourite content provider in the News & Weather or Sport sections, so their headlines always appear on your homepage. If you are into sport, you can also select your favourite team to make sure you see their news first.

  • Will O2 protect me from viruses on my phone?

    Threat of viruses on mobile phones is pretty small at the moment.


    There is certainly nothing like the problem of viruses when using the internet on a computer. O2 will continue to monitor the situation, and take whatever action is necessary to protect you when using the internet on your mobile.

  • How can I control my children’s mobile internet use?

    Parental Control helps parents protect their children while they're using the internet on their phones. They restrict children&#